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My Philosophy

“Success is when opportunity meets preparation”

Enjoy! Let’s face it, most golfers play in their leisure time, away from the pressures of life, so the game should definitely be treated as 'leisure'. All golfers regardless of ability, age and standard have the desire to improve and my coaching will actively promote this, but not at the expense of fun!

The 'perfect' swing is the golfing search for the 'holy grail', a bit of a mystery really, so why don’t we leave it at that! I believe that the word 'perfect' should be replaced by 'solid', in which each of my students has good grip, stance and set-up fundamentals, a repeating swing line, correct weight distribution and fine balance throughout the movement. And of course, the short game and putting are treated with great importance.

At the Paul Page Golf Academy I use video and computer technology to aid my coaching, however, no matter how good the systems are it only becomes as good as the teachers'/coaches ability to communicate the areas that need addressing. I have been a professional for 19 years now with a wealth of experience, so rest assured. The video can also be very cruel because it highlights everything and can often be confusing. I only allow my clients to walk away from the lesson with a maximum of two swing thoughts to work on. Three, and you may as well have a hundred. I believe in the statement below. 


 "You can walk and chew gum" Thats all !

The relationship with the coach is very important and I pride myself in having a close relationship with my clients/friends. I have a responsibility to your fun and, after all, you are only paying for my help and advice! As a full time coach I am dedicated to your cause.

In my experience golfers do not get excited about making a great swing, however, they do get excited about hitting a great shot. The best players I have ever seen, often play poorly in practice or on the range but excel on the course. This is because they are working things out in practice, continuing their swing work and experimenting before the big game or match. They understand the difference between 'Train mode' and 'Trust mode'. Once a student is technically sound at his/her level of handicap I change my focus to the golf course as this is ultimately what the game is about! Reducing scores and, in turn, handicap.


“At an event, all I have to do is swim. I have done all the training, and that is harder than the event”

Ian Thorpe

Over my years I have learnt to coach at a very high level through my PGA qualifications, personal experience, self education and learning from other high level coaches. It is very important that each client of  mine realises the importance of the the correct type of practice. I encourage the 'one chance only scenario' practice method with skills and challenges covering all areas that the golf course presents you with.


“Practice makes permanent not perfect!”

Thank you for you time in reading my basic outline on my coaching philosophy. Your next step is to contact me for a personal experience.

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